35 years of service – Celebrating a huge milestone and commencing a new chapter

June 19, 2020

35 years at any one company speaks for itself. To say that Site Manager, Peter Towers has achieved a lot at Paynters is an understatement. Pete has exceeded 150 projects built for the Company & still manages to get all nostalgic, travelling across South East Queensland to view all the magnificent contributions he has made to our great State.

We recently sat down with Pete for a bit of Q&A. To go back to where it all began & ask the pivotal question “Where to from here?”

Do you remember the first day you started? I don’t actually remember the first day, but I remember my first job. I was employed as a chippy, working on the construction of the first ever Sizzler at Annerley, which was in fact the first Sizzler to be built in Australia.

What has been your favourite role at Paynters? Site Manager, definitely. My first project as a Site Manager was The Gap Shopping Centre. It is one of the projects I head out and see regularly, just to reminisce.

What are some of your most note-worthy projects? The brand-new Greenbank RSL, 6 jobs at Kedron Wavell Services Club, the new Southport Workers Club, a Qantas Hanger, numerous University projects for Griffith University and UQ, Hastings Deering warehouses, Virginia Golf Club and a couple of Defence projects at Amberley. A large variety!

Who did you see come through the ranks that you knew would have potential? I loved bringing Apprentices through, watching them come through the ranks, I still keep in contact with a lot of them. Even watching my two boys progress was great to watch.

General Manager Brett Johnston comments “Pete is a generational builder and has taught people how to physically build things, a very valuable asset to have in your team.”

My favourite thing to teach was Footings. Even watching the young guys now, getting in, getting their hands dirty, it’s really nice to see. I did think of going off on a footings business back in the day. Proud to have taught the likes of Ricky Bull how to do footings, and now he does a fantastic job!

Tell me about your younger years…. Born and bred in Inala. Started family there, then bought a house in Logan 35 years ago. Played Rugby League, working away, worked hard, no regrets.

What are your plans for the next chapter in your life? More travel. Was supposed to travel Europe last month and will hopefully get around to that next year. I love to drive and have spent a lot of time driving across Australia.

What will you most miss about leaving Paynters? Building. Even as a young guy I loved woodwork. I really have to get use to the new routine. For 35 years I’ve gone to work 6 days a week so it’s different now. I love to reminisce…. Gives me a little smile every time I see something that I’ve had a hand in building.

You stay that long *at Paynters* because you like it. I never thought I’d do 35 years anywhere. It was the norm to chase other jobs after 6 months, especially back then but I kept getting put on new jobs, so I stayed.

In saying that, at Paynters I’ve always enjoyed moving from project to project. Starting fresh with a new set of challenges.

I’m proud to wear the Paynters badge. To watch where the Company is going, how its progressing. I have not the slightest regret spending 35 years at Paynters, it’s a great company.

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the evolution of the business, many changes. Four different head office locations, the growth, it’s great.

 “Paynters Management has such gratitude and appreciation for its employees. We’re only as good as the people we have working with us & Pete is a testament to that” said Mr Johnston.


Pictured above (L to R) we have Paynters employee Mark Towers with his dad Peter Towers. Neil Southwell, Peter Towers & Brett Johnston stand proudly with Peter’s new gift, marking 35 years with Paynters.