“A representation of companies coming together as one”

July 8, 2020

Presenting one-of-a-kind artwork from an unbelievably talented employee

A few months ago, resident Senior Estimator and multi-talented all-round good guy, Grant Marshall mentioned that he was painting an indigenous art piece for Paynters & sister company, Rizon.

Paynters was very keen to have the artwork framed for Grant, with him presenting to Director, Nigel Gardiner earlier today. We understand that NAIDOC week has been postponed but we want to recognise Grant for his efforts, and not delay a moment longer!

After almost a decade within our business Grant has created this stunning painting, his first in 7 years. Grants own sister is a professional painter, previously completing artwork for airlines across the country.

Grant has taken time out today to speak to the Paynters team about what NAIDOC week represents for him and the importance of recognising & appreciating our Indigenous friends, and the land on which we stand.

Grant has described the reasoning behind the artwork in detail, with it signifying unity, a representation of companies banding together, the theme being important now more than ever.

“The circles outlined with the “U” shape represent the people who work for Paynters & Rizon, the small “I” shape next to the “U” represents the women in our company. These shapes represent a meeting place.”

“The six black circles are the office locations of Rizon (campsites), the white dots connecting each campsite represents the path we travel. The outer green dots show the safe zone to travel.”

“The four black circles with white dots are the waterholes and the wave lines are the flowing water. The red dots to each campsite represent the connection Paynters has with the area they live in (blood connection). The lighter and darker coloured dots surrounding the painting represent the landscape -light coloured dots for the high points of the landscape and the dark colours signify the points.”

As a company we could not be prouder to present this artwork to our wider community by one of our own.