Battle of the Site BBQs is Heating Up

September 20, 2023

As we pass the half way point of Battle of the Site BBQs, we’re ecstatic to share in the last week, our teams have raised an additional $9,000+, bringing total donations so far to over $18,000 for LIVIN – smashing our previous years’ total. This has been made possible by the generosity of our team and our subcontractors on site each week.

The team at Adventist have well and truly sprinted to the front, but will we have a dark horse come through in the final weeks?

Sites are pulling out all the stops to be crowned the champion of Battle of the Site BBQs 2023 – even their families are joining in, baking delightful treats to boost donations.

With the rivalry strong, we’re seeing stronger bonds amongst our teams at each site, not only boosting our fundraising but also igniting conversations and greater awareness about mental health.

We are only halfway through the battle and cannot wait to see what our teams can achieve in the remaining two weeks!


Anyone can make a direct donation via our fundraising page below. Simply navigate on the left-hand side to support the site team you wish to back. Let’s keep the battle happening between sites!