Bravo Hospitality Team!

January 27, 2021

When COVID-19 forced a mandatory closure of hospitality venues across Australia, the forward-thinking Kedron-Wavell Services Club asked Paynters and its design team to reimagine the use of their existing buffet ‘restaurant Thr3e’ which was located in the heart of the club. The club’s board had always imagined a central hub ‘bar and lounge’ gathering point to occupy this space. The brief from the client was a ‘brew bar’ style with offering, a ‘surprise and delight’ with a layout featuring different experiences, trinkets and artifacts that are unusual stimulate conversation amongst patrons.

Enter ‘Bravo Bar – Lounge – Bar – Brewhouse’.

‘Bravo’, the second letter of the NATO phonetic alphabet and a word that invokes feelings of success, bravery and courage, is a quiet nod to the club’s heritage. ‘Bravo bar’ was designed to feel robust, a strong central meeting point at the club where patrons can relax and select from over 30 beer & cider options including several in house, locally produced Kedron craft beers brewed in any of the 4 custom built fermentation tanks which stand on guard behind glass and tapped direct to the main bar.

In contrast the lower ‘Tango’ area, featuring plush, iridescent ‘peacock’ finishes, reflective surfaces and large brass batten screens provides a more intimate space for individuals and small groups.

In synergy to the brew bar offering, the existing kitchen was refurbished to offer a chic Asian style menu with desire to encourage a younger demographic using modern QR code ordering facilities & table service. The food at Red Delta Asian Eats is amazing – you must try the ‘red delta black wings’!

During the closure period, Paynters also assisted the club with renovations to the existing Gaming Room & Gallipoli lounge areas, with works including an upgrade to bar fronts, new feature ceiling panels and floor finishes. We even assisted with the install of a rather impressive 4.5m wide circular LED screen to the ceiling of the gaming room!

The journey from start to finish was a very collaborative process, with the club’s management and board involved heavily in the design process, from high level planning down to excursions to select bespoke stone pieces and antique artefacts! As the design evolved almost at a parallel to its construction, the collaborative approach and teamwork helped overcome the daily challenges of procurement and lead time constraints.

Enough said. Get out there and grab a brew!