Breaking the Stigma

October 11, 2022

Kicking off Mental Health Week yesterday, Paynters were honoured to welcome special guest Antonio Winterstein to our Brisbane Office – Mental Health Program Facilitator at LIVIN.

A passionate advocate in the mental health space, Antonio spoke candidly to our team around the stigmas we encounter every day when it comes to mental illness. In line with this year’s theme of ‘Awareness, Belonging, Connection’ the group spoke openly on strategies we can implement to strengthen our resilience, and how we can be become better advocates for our friends, family members and colleagues who may be struggling through their own personal battles.

These informative sessions were livestreamed to the wider Paynters workforce, with team members dialing in from across Australia to take part in this important conversation. We would like to thank Antonio for sharing his personal stories with us – creating a safe space for our team to come together, reflect and advocate for change.