Building Bridges Between Cultures

Indigenous EngagementNews
May 29, 2023

This week is National Reconciliation Week, a time for all Australians to explore how we can take action towards reconciliation, with this year’s theme being “Be A Voice for Generations”.

We had the opportunity to return to the Redcliffe Men’s Shed to share a cultural awareness session, as part of our ongoing Bric Housing project engagement efforts.

Grant Marshall (Indigenous Engagement Manager) took the opportunity to share stories of his culture and showcase his traditional artifacts, explaining their craftsmanship and historical significance. The men were captivated, eager to learn about their origins and purpose.

The conversations that followed were both profound and heart-warming. Simple conversations turned into valuable learning experiences, as Grant works to continue breaking down barriers and close the gap between cultures and generations.

Paynters BDM Wally Fullerton Smith also made a special visit.  Renowned for his early days playing for the Redcliffe Dolphins, going on to represent Queensland and Australia, and his current role as an ambassador for the club, shared captivating stories that resonated with the men. The proud group at the Dolphins-loving Men’s Shed even showcased their skilfully crafted dolphin wood carvings, leaving Wally thoroughly impressed. 🐬 (Check out the photos to see their incredible work!)

Thank you to the Men’s Shed for allowing us into your space once again, as we continue to foster a community of connection and understanding between cultures.