Changing Lives One Furry Friend at a Time!

May 3, 2019

Over 250 Hospitality industry professionals gathered in Brisbane yesterday, showing their support for the life changing organisation Smart Pups. Paynters team members Mark Shulman and Chris Jacobson joined our long-term clients at McGuire Group to celebrate Smart Pups, an organisation who provide assistance dogs to children living with autism or seizure related syndromes.

Chris and Mark listened to stories from previous Smart Pup recipients, learning how these companions truly change the lives of the families who are lucky enough to receive them. The event was a roaring success, with community members and corporate bodies banding together to raise funds for the training and development of these incredible allies.

It costs around $28,000 to train each and every Smart Pup, and as a not for profit, the team relies heavily on contributions from generous donors. Paynters are proud to put our support behind this amazing cause, donating $1000 at yesterday’s event. We encourage everyone to dig deep for these furry friends – they are the ears, the eyes and the moral support that is so needed!

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