Equality, diversity, progress!

March 8, 2018

Project Manager, Katrina Tomkins & Sector Leader (Government) Kellie Brinckman (pictured) both attended the International Women’s Day (IWD) great debate today. The event, hosted by The Institute of Managers and Leaders, raised more than $30K for the YWCA’s work supporting women in crisis. Although sad stories were shared from Australia and overseas, reminding us why change is needed, the debate used the humour and knowledge of the six team members and MC, comedian Corinne Grant, to inspire the 1,200 men and women attending in Brisbane. Both Kellie & Katrina concluded that the debate was a great way to bring together great leaders and enact real discussions on gender equality.

The Institute of Managers and Leaders is an organisation which prides itself on creating better managers and leaders for a better society & has supported the global IWD initiative for twenty years. For more information regarding the Institute of Managers & Leaders please head to https://managersandleaders.com.au/

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