Hear For You Mentor, Aleks Petrasevic Doing Great Things in the Community

October 19, 2018

It’s with generosity and passion that Paynters very own Aleks Petrasevic (Design Coordinator) shares his time & experiences, mentoring as a volunteer for Hear For You.

Aleks, who has severe hearing loss in both ears and wears a hearing aid, and most recently a cochlear implant, had absolutely no idea something like Hear For You (HFY) existed. It was only when the HFY Queensland Manager, Rebecca Driscoll, invited him to become a Mentor in 2013 that he made the connection.

Aleks says “growing up in rural North QLD, I was the only hard of hearing person around, so for me there was no one who truly understood some of my day-to-day struggles. Hear for You was my first experience in being part of a community of deaf and hard of hearing people, and in the process, it has influenced my life significantly.” said Aleks.

Aleks has been mentoring students through workshops for the last 5 years in Brisbane, Rockhampton and Canberra, with the aim to build confidence, self-identity, communication & build strong relationships between family, friends and the greater community. “These are things that can be major hurdle for deaf and hard of hearing teenagers, when they are going through some of the biggest changes in their lives” said Aleks.

Hear For You operates across Australia and New Zealand offering a range of programs and workshops that give teenagers the chance to connect, pick up new skills and strategies & generally just have a good time! Visit their website today for more information! https://hearforyou.com.au/