In support of women in North Queensland

August 23, 2019

Through our staff fundraising efforts, the North Queensland team have secured a $1000 donation for the Townsville Women’s Centre. Paynters are hopeful this will provide some much-needed support to those affected by domestic violence in the region.

In recent times the Skye Foundation have successfully helped lobby the Queensland State Government to pay for a new Women’s Centre facility to the value of $3 million. The Foundation continues to fundraise until March 2020 to help pay for the internal fit out, which is where the Paynters donation will be beneficial.

Our resident North Queensland Manager, Michael Koen was on the ground to meet with Rose Alexander (The Women’s Shelter) & Skye Jerome (Skye Foundation) to hand over the cheque earlier this week.

The Women’s Centre plays a crucial role in supporting women and their children fleeing domestic violence or requiring sexual assault and homelessness services.

Skye Jerome said “We are very proud to have the support of a local business which is primarily from a male dominated industry. We thank Paynters for leading by example. If we are to eliminate violence against women in our community, men & women need to work together. We are also particularly proud & grateful for the ongoing support from Michael Koen who has long supported our foundation.”