Introducing our mascots; Peta, Patrick and Preston!

July 5, 2020

Earlier this year our in-house Marketing team designed various child friendly artwork, with a vision of displaying the bespoke signage across our education projects. These very cute mascots were launched last month on our Milton State School project and have been instantly noticed by the students, parents and teachers. The intention is for the students to recognise the importance of safety around the construction zone through relatable characters & simple messaging.

On this particular project, Paynters has created perspex cut-outs in the timber hoarding which separates the students using the undercroft from the construction works. Inquisitive students can peep through the windows to see firsthand the building site. It is important to remember that kids love construction works and by safely exposing them to the construction activities for their new school building, we are encouraging the young builders of tomorrow.

Pictured here are three wonderful Milton State School students with our Site Manager, Alan McLean giving them the tour.

We are very excited to roll out this bespoke signage across our education projects, engaging the next generation of tradespeople!