Jason’s Journey

May 8, 2024

We took the opportunity to sit down with Paynters own self-appointed ‘Sports Commissioner’ Jason, to chat about his role.

Did we forget to mention, he’s also one of our Senior Contracts Administrators in our Brisbane office, and recently clocked up 5 years at Paynters.

Jason has worked across many significant projects and played a key role in supporting our new team members, particularly when some of our regional offices were established.

Not only is his dedication to his role inspiring but also his extra efforts in championing our tipping and fantasy football competitions, driving our company culture and mentoring the next generation. Read his story below:

Tell us about your role at Paynters?

I’m the self-appointed Sport Commissioner at Paynters. When I started at Paynters, I recognised a shared passion for sports among many staff members. Seeing an opportunity, I took it upon myself to lead our sporting initiatives.
Over time, I’ve grown these competitions and seen some pretty cool results. This year, we have seen a huge increase in participation, particularly in our NRL and AFL tipping competitions. These competitions have fostered camaraderie and culture within the team and created common points of interest beyond work.
As the Sports Commissioner, my responsibilities include coordinating various tipping and fantasy football competitions, along with providing weekly updates and encouraging reminders to keep the excitement alive.

Oh, wait, you’re asking my role as Senior Contracts Administrator…

I began my journey at Paynters as a Contracts Administrator. I remember the interview vividly, it was with our Managing Director, Brett Johnston. Leaving the interview, I was feeling confident. I hadn’t even made it back to my car before I received the call. Paynters stellar reputation as both a builder and an employer made it an appealing place to work, I was very excited to embark on this new chapter.

In 2023, I was promoted to Senior Contracts Administrator.

What does being a Senior CA involve?

As a Senior Contracts Administrator, I assist the Project Manager with the financial and administrative aspects of a project. My responsibilities include overseeing contracts, budgeting, cost control, risk management, documentation, and stakeholder coordination. I ensure projects are executed within budget and schedule constraints.

Is this the career you envisioned when you were younger?

Interestingly, I initially aspired to become a Primary School Teacher. After leaving school and completely out of nowhere, I got a call from my grade 8 teacher who recommended me for a construction role and the rest was history.

I never imagined myself working in construction but here we are.

So, what did you do prior to joining Paynters?

For a period of time, I ran my own construction company focusing on pub renovations. It was only a small company, which meant I pretty much did everything. This certainly taught me the value of how hard it is to give someone a job – the ability to create work, maintain cash flow and being able to pay everyone. Owning and running your own business is very difficult, I have a lot of respect for people who do this.

Other than that, I worked as a CA in a variety of different companies.

What do you love about your role and more specifically Paynters?

I thrive in my role due to its alignment with my analytical and systematic nature. I appreciate the challenges it presents and enjoy the opportunities for personal and professional growth within Paynters, particularly within the insurance sector. The intricacies of insurance projects push me beyond my comfort zone, allowing me to broaden my horizons and refine my skills.

What about the projects you’ve worked on – any stand outs?

During my time at Paynters, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects.

Notably, I played a pivotal role in establishing our Sydney team, working closely with our new team members to familiarise them with our systems and processes and help get projects up and running. I have most recently done the same thing for our new Melbourne team.

Among the highlights, is the renovation of the Maryborough Hospital Emergency Department as it was particularly challenging but rewarding as I tapped into my problem solving skills to overcome them.

Similarly, the recent refurbishment of the Kedron Wavell Services Club presented its own unique obstacles. However, being part of its remarkable transformation was incredible and satisfying, especially considering its personal significance as a full-circle moment from my days managing pub renovations.

Renovating iconic venues like the Story Bridge Hotel and the Fox Hotel, were some key projects I worked on when I owned my own business.

Senior CA or Sports Commissioner – which do you prefer?

It would be awesome to be the full time Sports Commissioner for Paynters 😉, however I am absolutely content as a Senior Contracts Administrator.

You are known as a mentor to our Cadets and Contracts Administrators, tell me about that?

Mentoring the next generation of Contracts Administrators and Building Cadets is incredibly fulfilling. I believe it’s important to better develop, support and prepare them to be successful in their roles. By creating a safe environment for them to learn and grow whilst making sure they know how and where to reach out if guidance or reassurance is needed.

I guess this comes from my teaching nature and enjoyment of teaching others. I feel as though I have the personality traits to make people feel comfortable and I have a lot of experience and skills to offer.

What advice do you have for aspiring CAs or anyone considering joining the construction industry?

The construction industry isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s immensely rewarding for those who are up for the challenge.

Everyone will always have a difference of opinion around the expectations of the project.  Therefore, your ability to identify, negotiate and mitigate these differences, so everyone’s expectations are aligned, will directly affect the success of the project.

Any quotes or words of wisdom you would like to share?

My favourite quote that I often remind the staff members participating in the tipping and fantasy football comps:

‘It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it that matters!’

Fast Facts:

QLD or NSW Supporter?

Early Bird or Night Owl?
Early bird

If you had to pick one season for life?
Footy season but also spring!

Sunset or sunrise?

Favourite sport?

Favourite team?
Essendon Bombers