Monday Medical //

November 15, 2020

Moving into our fifth consecutive year at the Townsville University Hospital, Paynters are working on an MRI procedure room, with the current task being the Faraday cage.

This type of structure provides radiofrequency shielding to the scanning room to minimise the occurrence of interference in imaging.

It prevents both external radiofrequency pulses from interfering with the detector and the radiofrequency pulses generated by the MRI scanner from interfering with the external environment.

The copper lining will all be hidden by all internal linings and joinery.

Next week the team will be installing the actual MRI magnet and equipment with the project progressing well. This project team are also working in conjunction with the Townsville University Hospitals medical imaging department, to deliver a Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) Procedure Room. These projects are due for completion early January 2021.