Outstanding Results for Townsville Hospital Project

August 28, 2017

Paynters has completed yet another state of the art facility for Queensland Health, with the Central Sterilisation Department (CSD) at the Townsville Hospital up and running after receiving an $8.5 million dollar makeover.
The CSD is responsible for cleaning, sterilising and taking inventory of more than 20,000 surgical items from 14 operating theatres and four public dental services daily. Townsville Hospital and Health Board acting chair Michelle Morton said fully automated equipment had been introduced in the CSD’s redevelopment, which was funded by the Federal Government.

“This is a sophisticated, modern and contemporary clinical sterilising department that will keep our health service at the forefront of healthcare delivery in our region,” Ms Morton said.

“This unit is an essential cog in the daily operations of North Queensland’s largest tertiary referral centre, ensuring the equipment our surgeons and dentists use is safe and functional every time.”
Special mention to our dedicated Paynters project team in Townsville, who worked closely with hospital stakeholders to mitigate interruptions to surrounding departments as well as coordinate works around an operational CSD department.

Paynters also worked closely with DATSIP and local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander subcontractors to produce impressive training and employment results within the Townsville community. Indigenous contractors were responsible for both the Joinery & Painting packages of this project and are proud to mention that our team worked closely with the client to ensure that the Indigenous Economic Opportunities Plan (IEOP) was not only executed, but well and truly exceeded expectations.

The project delivered 1105 hours’ of training to Indigenous workers. There were a number of Trainees and Apprentices working on this project, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, of which delivered a total of 4241 training hours’ across the duration of the project.

Paynters is very proud of this achievement and hope to continue along this journey to improve and build strong relationships with Indigenous communities, creating increased opportunities for employment and engagement.