PDQ partner with Tafe North QLD, CSQ & DATSIP to host Townsville info night

October 21, 2016

Tuesday evening marked the commencement of PDQ’s rollout of information nights across regional Queensland. The night provided information to subcontractors on the requirements of awarded contracts and more specifically, funded training, & indigenous requirements, with a focus on skilling their workforce. The key presenters for the evening were PDQ’s HSEQ Manager Daniel Dunne, Director of TAFE North Queensland, CEO of CSQ, DATSIP regional representative and Back to Work – Employer Officer of Department of State Development. Many subcontractors attended the evening, with guided tours of the TAFE facilities a huge hit! Subcontractors were eager to learn about the necessary requirements and to chat with presenters on accessing services. This is a great step forward for the local Townsville community, upskilling and ensuring that everyone is on the same page! Well done to our team on such a successful & well received evening.