Rocky Hockey serves up some serious field goals!

October 8, 2019

Synthetic turf never looked so pretty!

The Rockhampton Hockey Redevelopment was completed last month, in perfect time to host the Oceania Cup.

This is a biennial international field hockey championship, held in Rockhampton this year, with the newly completed playing field impressing players and spectators alike.

The Australia men’s team came away with their 11th win in the tournament & the Rocky Hockey Association credited the new grounds on the huge success of the 4-day competition.

The Redevelopment included viewing areas, amenities, team dugouts, field lighting and a video tower as well as the new playing field, which was designed and constructed to meet the global guidelines set by the international Hockey Federation (FIH).

The surface consists of an asphalt pavement built to exacting tolerances, and then covered with a shock pad before the final synthetic turf layer. It also has impressive features such as “water cannons’, which are mounted on risers around the perimeter. The cannons are run before the game, at half time and after the game; dumping in excess of 36,000 litres of water in 3 minutes – to create the required damp playing surface.

Well done to our Central Queensland team on the delivery of this stunning project.