School officially unveils new world class learning centre

March 14, 2019

A  two-storey learning centre is changing the way Gladstone State High School students learn.

Yesterday marked the official opening of the school’s secondary general learning centre, which principal Garry Goltz described as “world class”.

Head of department for physical education and marine studies Vanessa Randazzo said the building had afforded great improvements to her students’ learning.

“We are able to better plan for students to experience the concepts we’re exploring in class,” Ms Randazzo said.

“My Year 11 students were introduced to the concept of rate limiters while working on the tennis courts and basketball courts and were then able to move back into the classroom where we … consolidated the understanding.

“Because the experience had been so immediate the learning was much more meaningful and deeper … students learn best when they can move, explore, discuss and practice”

Mr Goltz said the top floors of the eight-classroom centre could be used by about 240 students and another 100 could be accommodated in the open downstairs teaching space.

He said the centre would support a growing student body currently made up of more than 1500 students.

The general learning centre was funded under the State Government’s 2020 Ready Program targeted at managing increased high school student numbers due to the introduction of Prep in 2007.

Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher said the funds also provided a new landscaped area and two tennis courts to replace those demolished during construction.

“This is $8.1million in total that’s been spent in the last four years for this high school to cater for the needs of students into 2020,” Mr Butcher said.

He said it also gave the school the ability to absorb an increase to its students.

“With the original half-cohort of Prep students set to graduate from high school at the end of 2019 we will have for the very first time in 2020 six full year levels of students in Queensland state secondary schools.”

It is estimated the design and construction of the facility supported up to 18 full time jobs.

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