Small scale living shows big progress!

April 3, 2017

The highly innovative Synovum Care project at Bellmere, Brisbane is a small scale living community comprising clusters of houses that accommodate 7-8 residents each in a relationship-based home. This environment has been specifically designed to enable independence and maintain what residents can do, rather than focusing on their physical and cognitive deficits and/or disabling them due to risk and compliance. Engaging with the local community is facilitated within Synovum Care’s community and administration precinct with a café and other services which will be inviting to the local community.

The construction of the 17 houses is progressing well, with all houses now enclosed and internal finishes commencing. Construction operations are tracking well and the client and the PDQ team are very happy with the progress.

The ongoing consultation and team focus within the design and construction of this facility has enabled high end, user group focused finishes, supplied and constructed to exceed the client’s expectations and meet their budget requirements. The inclusiveness of the PDQ process ensures the end product will surpass expectations and most importantly, will support the client’s vision to provide all residents with a wonderful Synovum Care experience.