Paynters Deliver Regional Mental Health Facility

September 20, 2018

The long-awaited Gladstone Step Up, Step Down (SUSD) project has reached practical completion, as Paynters deliver yet another state of the art health facility to the Central Queensland Region.

Working closely with long term clients at Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, the Paynters team managed the Design and Construction of the $3.7m health facility, located in New Auckland. Using sensitive design principles, the facility includes 10 patient beds, communal kitchen and dining area, outdoor terrace, clinical consult rooms and staff amenities.

SUSD aims to support an individual’s transition from an acute inpatient service back into the community (step down) as well as helping to prevent admission to an acute inpatient service for someone with emerging mental health issues (step up).  As demand grows for mental health services across Queensland, the Paynters team are incredibly proud to take part in extending services such as Step Up, Step Down to regional locations such as Gladstone. A big congratulations to our project team on their efforts.