The boss is watching….

November 19, 2019

We have two high-level corporates keeping a watchful eye over our Warrina Aged Care site over the next few months and our Far North boys couldn’t be happier to have them on the team!

Warrina residents, Jessica Cornish (photographed left) & Mary Grech (photographed right) have been gifted honorary Paynters vests and hard hats this week, with their very own “BOSS” labeling.

Jessica was born in Innisfail and worked as a clerk for most of her life. Within the Innisfail community Jessica is well known, is active and enjoys her time in the local town. In 2016, Jessica’s mobility started to decline and she became a resident of Warrina Aged Care Innisfail. She now enjoys watching the Paynters team work on the redevelopment at aged care home on a daily basis from the window.

Mary became a resident at Warrina Innisfail in 2014. Since living in the hostel unit, Mary’s health has improved immensely – regaining her mobility, independence and peace of mind. Once a “loner” in Mary’s words, she is now a social person with many friends. Mary goes about her days pursing her own individual leisure interests including reading books, crosswords and taking photos of the exciting redevelopment project.

The Paynters team have assigned both Jessica & Mary as the two “Bosses” who are keeping a close eye on the project, making sure the team know their thoughts on building progression. The team on site don’t mind taking direction from the girls either.