The bowls club reviving a community’s spirit after devastating bushfires

May 5, 2020

Recently, our team down South had to think outside of the box – which actually required them to think inside “The Marquee”.

Earlier this year, bushfires swept through Malua Bay, on the South Coast of NSW, destroying businesses and homes along the usually idyllic coastal region. The fire came from the north, downhill through the ravine, making a bee line straight for the Bowls Club.

The clubhouse was completely destroyed, yet remarkably the bowling greens were left largely untouched.

Paynters worked with both the Insurer and the client to work on building a temporary facility, to ensure that the Club could continue to trade. Our team sourced a temporary structure, aka “The Marquee” to be utilised for up to 24 months whilst we work to design and construct a brand-new clubhouse.

Once approved, the temporary Club only took just over 3 weeks to construct, ensuring minimal down time for operations.

Tee Ngata, Vero’s Leader for Commercial Property and Natural Hazard Claims, was in awe of the support the Club has, describing his surprise when seeing players on the greens. “We were here a short time after the bushfires, and we didn’t expect to see anyone on the green and it was full,” Tee said.

“In a very short space of time, and thanks to our fantastic builders, we were able to construct a temporary clubhouse for them to use, while the new facility is being built. It’s quite amazing the community spirit that’s here, and how important this place is to locals.”

Paynters are now completing the demolition works on site, removing the concrete slab, in order to take it back to bare ground. We look forward to watching this new project come to life, but in the meantime, the patrons of Malua Bay Bowls Club are very happy with their Club’s temporary solution & look forward to returning once restrictions are lifted.