Keeping the Conversation Going

October 31, 2022

Reflecting on Safe Work Month and Mental Health Week this October, we are grateful for the community we have here at Paynters. During this period, we took the opportunity to acknowledge our onsite ‘Connectors’, who play a key role in the safety and wellbeing of others. These team members have undergone formal training with Mates in Construction and play an active role across our construction sites in connecting workers with mental health support services.

Our very own Wally Fullerton-Smith (Paynters BDM and Mental Health Advocate) presented each connector with their TradeMutt ‘Conversation Starter’ shirts, which allow our site workforce to easily identify who they can reach out to on a Paynters project, should they need help.

Known in the industry as ‘workwear making an impact’, our team are very proud to don these conversation starter shirts, which fund the mental health support service TIACS.