Matt’s journey

May 25, 2017

Commencing at Paynter Dixon Qld in 2003, Matt has managed to become one of the company’s greatest success stories. He started as a kid who “had no idea what he wanted to do” and has been guided by General Manager Brett Johnston from a casual labourer to a valuable Project Manager, where he currently tackles multi-million dollar projects with ease. Within this time Matt has experienced many different roles including Leading Hand, Site Safety Officer and Contract Administrator before settling into a Project Management role. “After returning from an overseas holiday one year I still remember coming in and having a chat with Brett. He suggested that if I was keen I could learn the ropes in the office and gain some experience at a different level. This was when I moved into a Contract Administrator role” said Matt.
Matt mentions that he’s had the pleasure of watching the Company evolve and that irrespective of your job title, you can complete tasks with the confidence of Management behind you, without any real red tape. “That’s the beauty of this Company, you can approach any one of the Directors and on any given day you can get issues sorted immediately” said Matt.
When asked why he has stuck around for the last 14 years Matt said that it’s a fantastic environment, with a great team and there has always been flexibility. “There was never a time where I had to go and ask to stay put while my wife was having kids, they took the initiative and there is a lot of compassion there, I certainly appreciate that & won’t forget it” said Matt. “There has always been opportunities for growth as an individual, where you’re constantly learning and motivated.” Most recently, Matt obtained his Open Builders licence, a result of his own determination & drive as well as Managements guidance.
After chatting with Matt it becomes very clear that he’s a very loyal, fun loving guy. He still plays for the same Basketball team that he started with when he was 16 years old! “When you find something you love and the environment is the right fit, why would you go anywhere else?”