New Queensland Ballet Academy leaps into action!

June 17, 2019


Kelvin Grove is progressing well, with works now up to the ground floor level.  The initial birdcage scaffold is being erected in stages around the outer half of the building, up to ground floor, with the internal formwork frames and plywood decking erected up to the same height. The ground floor, with close to 700m³ of concrete was then poured in a single day.  Scaffold then climbs up around the perimeter as the 5m concrete columns are erected up to the first floor level.

The Department of Education has partnered with the Queensland Ballet (QB) to develop a unique dance facility on the KGSC campus, supporting students who will later pursue dance at QB’s West End facilities. Named the Queensland Ballet Academy (QBA), it is located to the north-east corner of the KGSC campus, and will incorporate:

  • 6 dance studios (including 2 performance studios that can be opened into a single large space);
  • Green rooms;
  • Amenities for staff and students;
  • Staff room;
  • Loading dock;
  • Parking;
  • General learning areas (GLAs); and
  • Promenade areas for students to stretch and practice

Studios feature 4.2m high ceilings for versatility of spaces. This has created a particularly tall building, so the roof form has been folded down to the west to transition the building height down to the covered link connecting back to the hall.