Partnering with Rotary to Bring Materials to Farmers in Need

June 25, 2021

After a devastating hail storm battered Canberra last year, various commercial properties and homes were left with substantial damage. One of these premises was the Villaggio’s Aged Care facility in Page, who worked with Paynters & Sedgwick to undertake their reinstatement works.

The major element of the works was the replacement of the roof sheeting, which was severely damaged from the hail and unsalvageable for commercial use moving forward (with the warranty voided). Paynters project team, in collaboration with Sedgwick, Rotary, Villaggio and SHM Roofing decided to take the debris and deliver a practical and rewarding charity initiative.

Since completion of the project, Paynters have donated in excess of 19,000m2 of unsalvageable roof sheeting, which has now been recycled to support farmers across the A.C.T and the South Coast of N.S.W. The hail damaged roofing has now been repurposed & used to protect the storage of agricultural product and assist farmers in building outdoor amenities for community volunteers.

This is a long-term project for our farming community, with Rotary envisioning a five-year recovery rollout. Villaggio and Rotary have been the driver for this wonderful exercise, acting as the middlemen, with volunteers removing the roof sheeting from the Paynters site and transporting it where it is needed most.

“Paynters support for this project has been crucial to its success and includes all staff on site who provide access and temporary storage of product. It should also be recognised they have facilitated a lot of skills transfer and experience for our Rotarians and associates” said Rotary Area Coordinator Fred Fawke.

Paynters were honoured to be a partner on this community driven project.