Twice As Nice in Central Queensland

August 15, 2022

Congratulations to our Central Queensland team who walked away with two Master Builders Queensland Housing and Construction Awards on Friday night.

Paynters were announced as winners for Education Facilities up to $10 million for Parkhurst State School – New General Learning Centre and Community Service Facilities for Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct.

A stellar effort to the teams who delivered these projects with inclement weather, challenge building times and in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

Parkhurst State School – New General Learning Centre

 The scope of works included the demolition of existing buildings onsite and removal of trees, the construction of a new 2-storey learning centre, installation of covered walkways through the heart of the school, as well as associated landscaping and paved areas.

The building allowed the school to reduce the number of demountable classrooms on its grounds and provided modern technology for learning through audio visual upgrades, a multi-media recording studio, outdoor arts and science learning space, and staff collaboration spaces.

The project also fostered a strong working relationship with the key school stakeholders and ensure the school remained operational and uninterrupted environment.

Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct

Paynters undertook the construction of the precinct which included the development of four commercial buildings, a new carpark, significant landscaping, and civil works and an all-abilities play space, and successfully delivered the Gladstone Regional Council’s vision.

Read more about these projects here –

Parkhurst State School New General Learning Centre

Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct