Vital Housing for Young People

February 7, 2024

Last week, we welcomed Minister for Housing Meaghan Scanlon, Aaron Harper, Scott Stewart, Foyer Foundation and Mission Australia to our Townsville Youth Foyer site where the final touches are being added to the brand new 40-bed housing facility.

During the visit, the Miles Government announced it is set to build three new youth foyers and establish eight across the state over the longer term.

As we approach the final stages of construction, the Townsville Youth Foyer will provide safe and affordable housing to young people between 16 and 25 years as well as provide them with wraparound support with study, jobs and their next housing steps. 

Paynters is proud to contribute to this transformative initiative, having also delivered the Gold Coast Youth Foyer. Now, we eagerly anticipate handing over yet another Youth Foyer to help young people across the state embark on positive life transformations.