Where are they now?

November 1, 2019

Each and every month here at Paynters we will be exploring a new town across this fine Country, bringing attention to the key features that make the place so special. We will showcase projects we are constructing within the region & highlight the wonderful work our teams are doing.

This month Management chose Tully!

Located in the Cassowary Coast region in Far North Queensland, Tully is home to the giant golden gumboot & holds the torch as the wettest town in the country with an annual rainfall of 4,000 millimeters.

Fun fact The gumboot is 6.1 metres long and 7.9 metres high- the height corresponds to the highest annual rainfall in a populated area of Australia, which occurred in Tully in 1950.

With their economic base being agriculture, particularly sugarcane and bananas, Tully is home to a population of 2,390 (as at 2016 census results).

Our very own Site Foreman Andrew Flower was born & bred in Tully, recently returning to the sleepy town to complete the construction of the new wing at Tully Nursing Home, as well as the endoscopy unit at Tully Hospital.